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29 apr

Dream Everything | Expect Nothing

Started the year off lovely with our One Year edition with Mr. Carmack & our Soulection label night collab with Moonlight in Brussels. In this edition we’re spotlighting the future bass theme with our northern neighbour Ganz & good friend Laetho. Bring friends & smiles, because summer’s on its way.

In the early hiphopscene, people used the term ‘Trill’ to define someone or something as True & Real.
Trill is to be yourself, to be true to others & to be real in everything you do.
That’s what Trillers is about.

Think Future Beats, Sexy Vibes, New Hiphop, Jersey Club
Think Flume, Kaytranada, Ta-ku, Cashmere Cat, Falcons, Ganz, Soulection, Kendrick Lamar, A$AP & Trippy Turtle

Smile, because a photographer will take your picture
One Year Trillers pics: http://on.fb.me/1xlZujS
Aftermovie: http://bit.ly/1I4uLIV

Oh, we’re on instagram as well




Famed for his quality & liked for his personality. Collabing & remixing artists like Mr Carmack, Odesza & Flume with his signature future bass style is why he’s grown so fast & why we’re blessed to have him over in 9000.


Laetho (Buygore)

We could tell you that his music is pretty amazing & that he’s got support by artists all over the world, but actually it’s the humouristic & humble personality behind the artist which makes Laetho a pleasure to bring on stage.


Eagl (Host & Resident)

Known for his preference in tequila/sprite & had a good time sharing the decks with great guys like Mr Carmack, Falcons, Esta, Jeftuz, Wantigga, Sam Gellaitry, Losco, Pomo, Ganz, etc


+ vi.be contest support act winner


Hosted by Huisgemaakt, where storytelling vocals and emotive melodies meet the characteristics of deep electronic music. Bringing people together to create memorable moments is what they’re all about.

Mike Tohr (Atmosphere records)

Anders (Klankgras)

l’adique (Labyrinth club)

Eroto Mania(Host)



29 April
Café Charlatan
Vlasmarkt 6 | 9000 Gent

A place to hang out, share some drinks & shop exclusive streetwear fashion
Heads or Tails Bar & Shop


woensdag 29 april@21:00
donderdag 30 april@05:00


Café Charlatan
Vlasmarkt 6, Gent, 9000 Belgium

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